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About Us

300 MOVES , a fitness-based initiative by Tuffman and Zapbuild, which is driven by passion & technology.

Recognizing the need for accessible fitness challenges, 300 MOVES is a fitness movement for people who can embark on a fitness journey that promises to transform them physically & mentally at less than a rupee per day on annual basis.

The program is simple yet effective, as it combines 3 main disciplines such as Running / Walking, Cycling, Swimming. One can build a regime starting with a 2 km run / 20 minutes of walk or 5 km ride or 100 metres swim and gradually increasing commitment as per your aspiring fitness goals. What's unique is that participants only need to engage for 300 out of 365 days, allowing ample time for rest, recover and daily life. A leap year will allow you a day’s extra rest.

At the end of the 300 MOVES journey, participants receive a finisher e-certificate displaying one’s achievement at keeping fit daily. Finisher Participants can also opt for a commemorative finisher medal to celebrate your glory towards the physical & mental transformation. The mission of 300 MOVES is to promote health & wellness and to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to lead a healthier, stronger, and happier life.

Join 300 MOVES on this incredible journey towards a better you round the year.

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Tuffman is India's premier endurance sports platform and its making waves in the world of fitness and sporting events. Since 2014, Tuffman has been known for organizing Marathons, Duathalon , Triathlons and ultratuns in picturesque locations across India, attracting sports and fitness enthusiasts along with their families.

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Zapbuild is a global IT consulting firm, specializing in end-to-end solutions for businesses. They partner with startups to SMEs, helping them build competitive information infrastructure. Their services range from legacy application maintenance to e-strategy consulting. They leverage offshore resources for rapid, high-quality solutions in various domains like social networking, eCommerce, and CRM.